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I used to watch reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore show when I was young. And I think, subconsciously, I’ve always tried to be at least a little bit like her. Independent, strong, able to handle it all – yeah, I’ve tried, but it seems I’ve had little success with it. Since then, strong women are all over the tube. One of my favorite girl power shows right now is Lipstick Jungle, and I just read today on Hollywood Reporter that Mary herself will be joining the show!

“Moore will play Joyce, a retired high-powered executive and mother of Brooke Shields' studio-head character Wendy. Having trail-blazed for working women, Joyce will challenge Wendy's idealistic notion of "having it all."

Also according to the article, Ms. Moore will first appear in the premiere, and will show up throughout the season. I think it is interesting that she has been an icon for women who choose to have a serious career, and that her character is going to challenge everything career women believe they should be.

I can’t wait for the new season to start, and this is just another reason to tune in!