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With its fifth season slated to debut in the U.K. this fall, Merlin fans are likely eager to see what's next for the fantasy series, which airs on Syfy stateside. Those fans who attend Comic Con in San Diego next month will have the opportunity to see some of the stars of the series. It was announced today that Merlin will be returning to SDCC for a panel.

At present, it looks like Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Katie McGrath (Morgana) will be in attendance for the Merlin panel at SDCC next month. Scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 15 at 10:30 a.m. in Room 6BCF, the Merlin panel will also feature series co-creators and executive producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. It sounds like there will be more people involved in the panel, but those details are still being worked out, so keep an ear out for additional announcements there.
As for what fans can expect to see at the panel:
Comic-Con fans will be the first in the world to get a glimpse of exactly what will become of the wickedly beautiful Morgana (Katie McGrath), the fate of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, and the role Merlin (Colin Morgan) will play in the future of Camelot.

The MERLIN panel will also feature a brand-new, fan-favorite blooper reel created by the producers especially for Comic-Con, as well as details of the soon-to-be-released MERLIN Facebook game.

By that, it sounds like they'll be showing something from the upcoming new season, which premieres this Fall on BBC One and shortly after on Syfy in the U.S.

More TV panel information for Comic Con can be found here.

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