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Bryan Fuller tweeted earlier today that "cameras are rolling on #MockingBirdLane." With production apparently underway on the upcoming NBC reboot of The Munsters, we were left to wonder who was set to fill the last major role on the series, Lily Munster. That question has been answered tonight. It seems Portia de Rossi has found her next small screen role.

TV Line posted the news, stating that the Arrested Development star has been cast in the role of Lily Munster on the Bryan Fuller/Bryan Singer created series. The original Lily Munster was played by Yvonne De Carlo. As TV Line notes, de Rossi was cast in an ABC pilot that didn't go to series, which left her open for this part. We'll also get to see her return to her role as the vein Lindsay Funke when Netflix brings back Arrested Development.

While comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres serves as de Rossi's wife in real life, her on screen spouse Herman will be played by Jerry O'Connell. That should be an interesting match, but I'll be especially curious to see de Rossi's take on Lily. What kind of hair and make-up situation will she have? Something goth-ish and witchy? Or will they aim for something else? It's really hard to know what to expect from this re-imagining of the classic TV series, but if they were aiming for beautiful with the ability to be funny, they hit the target perfectly with de Rossi.

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