The Moment Reality Show To Give People A Second Chance At Their Dream Career

USA's The Moment looks like it aims to inspire as it awards a group of adults a second chance at their dream career. Life doesn't always go as planned. Beyond the years of saying, "when I grow up," not all of us end up in the career in which we believe we were destined. And while we may have taken a different road, that doesn't mean we give up wondering what our lives might have been like, had we pursued our dream career, and whether or not it's too late to make it happen. For the people featured in The Moment, it's not too late for a shot. Their second chance has arrived and it's being delivered to them by The Moment's host, NFL Star and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner, a man who knows a little something about second chances. His football career didn't take off the first time around, but he eventually went on to find success.

In The Mometn, a different person will be featured in each episode of the 9-episode series. The person will be secretly nominated by a loved one who believes they deserve a second shot at whatever career they once dreamed of holding. Then Warner shows up and gives them the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to pursue that career. Among the dream careers featured are race car driving, orchestra conducting and deep sea diving. Obviously, it's not as simple as handing over a packaged profession and hoping these people can wing it enough not to get fired. They'll be trained and given expert guidance from world-class mentors who will prepare them for the audition of a lifetime. The rest is up to them. It sounds like a truly life-altering experience and one that has the potential to inspire people to reconsider pursuing their dreams.

In this clip, an aspiring sports photographer gets to meet professional photographer Lou Jones.

The Moment premieres Thursday, April 11 at 10/9c on USA.

Kelly West
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