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More Details On Emmerich's 2012 TV Series: 2013

Roland Emmerich's 2012 may be the buzz film of the fall, but the news taking the television media by storm is that there are already plans underway for a sequel TV series. We caught up with Emmerich to talk about this project, and we must have caught him on a good day, because he had plenty of scoop for us.

As speculated, the new series will be called 2013, and will focus on the aftermath of the cataclysmic events of the film. With the world in disarray, it's time to rebuild. Emmerich says it's "not the bright happy future everyone was imagining" when the film ends. Instead, things look bleak. But this is humanity, so of course we can rise up from this.

SPOILER ALERT! At the end of the film, there is a band of survivors on giant rescue boats. The series follows those boats to Africa, where they land and find survivors of the massive tidal wave that struck the coninent, and they're none too happy about having been left behind.

Emmerich mentiond both Lost and District 9 as models for the tone of the new show, which means epic casts, complex and involved storytelling and a gritty realism. We think that sounds fantastic. You can never get enough post-apocalyptic shows on television, and those we do get struggle to stick around.

It's good news that this is already in the early stages of development, because that means they can get a quick turnaround for the series, to better ride the buzz of the film. Now all they need is for 2012 to be a massive blockbuster. We at least expect it to open huge. With a Lost-sized hole in ABC's schedule next season, as Kelly indicated when the rumors first broke, maybe we can look forward to the launch of a new epic tale, in the year 2013.