NBC Makes Disappointing Globes/Gladiators Combo

As much as I love TV, even I will admit that there’s a lot wrong with it. Not admitting that Reality TV has writers, insisting that all women in New York are Carrie Bradshaw-wannabes, etc, etc. But my main problem with it at the moment is that when Hollywood actually has a good idea, they don’t take it to its natural conclusion—which is why NBC’s decision to combine The Golden Globes with American Gladiators is such a disappointment.

Much like Dance War before it, the idea has so much promise, yet its execution is so unsatisfactory. Just as Dance War isn’t actually Mad Max: Beyond Thuderdome with sequins, The Golden Globes/American Gladiators mash up does not involve even the remote possibility of Ellen Pompeo getting smacked in the head during a joust and falling into a pool, her Louboutins flying out into the crowd and impaling a drunk Jack Nicholson who simply removes the potentially deadly stiletto from his chest and pops another Valium.

Instead, the combo is a move by NBC to plug the giant hole left in its schedule by the severely scaled-back awards presentation. Rather than the usual multi-hour long pre-show, awards show and press coverage, The Golden Globe winners will be announced during an hour-long press conference at 9 pm on January 13. In order to fill the 9-10 pm primetime gap, NBC will be airing a Gladiators repeat.

Once again, my dreams are crushed. Thanks a lot, Hollywood.