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A Night At The Movies: The Horrors Of Stephen King Review

Stephen King is truly a man of words. That may sound like an obvious statement, considering he’s a writer, but beyond knowing how to tell a great story, King is also extremely well spoken. It’s for this reason that fans of King and the horror genre alike will appreciate TCM’s upcoming special A Night at the Movies: The Horrors of Stephen King, which features the author as he discusses horror films.

TCM is set to air classic horror films over the course of the month of October, which is as close to “horror season” as it gets, if such a season were to exist. Who better to kick things off than the master of horror himself, Stephen King. As part of their ongoing series A Night at the Movies, TCM will feature King in a special that’s completely dedicated to the horror genre. The format for the special is fairly simple. King sits and talks about horror films, while clips of some of the films he mentions are shown. Nothing more is needed because there isn’t a moment in the special that doesn’t include some interesting insight from King’s mind, including personal anecdotes from his past and opinions on some known and lesser known scary movies.

I’ll admit that my appreciation for the horror genre is limited. Maybe one out of every five “hit” scary movies interests me, however listening to the way King speaks of horror, discussing classic films, B movies, and modern-day scary movies, not to mention films based on his own books, it’s easy to appreciate the greatness and cinematic relevance of the genre. Among the most interesting things King discusses is the “moral queasiness” that comes with some of the later sequels of popular horror franchises, when viewers begin to watch to see the villain defeat the victims rather than to see how the villain is defeated. I'd associate the term "moral queasiness" with my feelings about the Saw movies, which is why I won’t watch them, however I’ll admit to appreciating death’s creativity in the Final Destination films, so who am I to judge? In the end, as King points out, horror films provide an experience for viewers.

Stephen King has a real knack for explaining what works with horror films and considering his career is filled with things that really work, it’s probably fair to say he’s an expert on the subject. If you’re a horror movie fan and the idea of spending an hour listening to King talk about horror movies sounds like your thing, check out A Night at the Movies: The Horrors of Stephen King when it airs Monday, October 3rd at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on TCM.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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