Paul McCartney is never one to say no to a great promotional opportunity and next week he plans to head to The Colbert Report for an epic hour-long event. The show is known for occasionally putting together musical segments, but when McCartney hits the stage on June 12, he’ll be the man of the hour and will contribute both music and an interview for the tenure of the show. McCartney’s appearance will mark the second time The Colbert Report has featured a one-hour musical extravaganza. The first time the concept was attempted was in September of 2011, when Radiohead appeared on the show.

The former Beatles and Wings performer will play a lot of fan favorites during the hour-long episode. On Wednesday, Comedy Central reported that McCartney is set to play music from his Out There Tour, as well as the Wings of America 2013 reissue of the album of the same name that was initially released in 1976. Colbert, in usual humorous fashion, had something to say about the appearance.
“I think this McCartney kid’s got something special and I’m gonna put him on the map!”

The Wednesday, June 12 appearance will actually mark the first time McCartney has appeared in a musical capacity on the show, but it won’t be the first time he and Colbert have chatted. In 2009, McCartney popped on set for an interview with the funnyman. Not only will the music add a bit of excitement this time around, but the show will also make an exclusive track available via Colbert’s site.

Honestly, McCartney always seems to be game for random performances and events. In the TV realm, he’s also been a guest on SNL on several occasions, and the cast and audience always seem to love it when he pops in. If you’re a fan of music, Colbert, or McCartney, the June 12 episode should be a good one to tune in for.

The Colbert Report airs Mondays through Thursdays at 11:30 p.m. ET.

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