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The following clips are from Episode 1 of Showtime’s new series, Ray Donovan. There are some spoilers from the episode in the clips, so if you want the series to be a surprise, stop reading!

It’s been a long road to bring Showtime’s drama Ray Donovan to the small screen. The show was first announced as a pilot all the way back in 2011, and Showtime and Liev Schreiber fans alike have waited expectantly as Showtime has moved forward with the series, which follows a Hollywood “fixer” who finds himself with his own problems when his father is let out of prison before the expected time. The series is set for a June 30 premiere, but to get fans excited about the new drama, on Monday Showtime released two brand new clips from the series, which gives us an idea of what the premiere episode will entail.

First of all, Jon Voight is a recently released criminal in Ray Donovan who prefers a wardrobe of gold chains and leather jackets. We’ve known for a while that the veteran actor had joined the series playing the aforementioned father of our titular hero, but the clip above is more than a little tense, even though the subscription cable network has bleeped out many of the f-bombs. While Voight’s character is the supposed “bad guy” in the clip, Schreiber’s Donovan doesn’t look like the type of person to mess with, either.

While the first clip focused on the familial problems in the series, in the second clip we get to see Donovan in action as a fixer. He’s on the phone with a young male, who is flipping out after finding a dead body in his bed. I love Donovan’s calm as he tells the young man what to do, but even more so, I love the overt references to Hollywood in the script, which nod at TMZ and more.

We at TV Blend have been excited about Showtime’s summer premiere for a while, now, even voting Schreiber’s character as one of the darkest of the summer, thanks to the awesome content Showtime has been putting out in preparation for the end of June premiere. Sure, audiences have yet to fully see how dark and intense the new series will be; however, there are certainly shades of both of those adjectives in the two clips, today, as well as in the extended and short trailers the subscription cable station has put out.

Look out for Ray Donovan in Showtime’s lineup, beginning on Sunday, June 30 at 10 p.m. ET. Dexter’s Season 8 is also scheduled to premiere that evening at 9 p.m. ET.

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