I doubt any of us thought Regis Philbin’s retirement from Live! meant he was gone from the entertainment world forever. Unsurprisingly, the former daytime talk show host is looking at a return to television. At the very least, he’s expressed an interest in it

Earlier this month, Philbin stepped down from his role as co-host on Live!, with a permanent replacement yet to be decided. In the meantime, that leaves Philbin’s schedule open for other projects. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Regis has his eye on primetime. The site reports that Philbin is looking to host a big primetime talent show.
“[An] entertainment type of show would appeal to me,” Philbin said. “Almost a variety show. In our business you don’t want to say variety because it’s frowned upon now, but something with people who are performing.”

It sounds like this is more than just hypothetical talk though as the Post says “Gangland” producer Michael Manshel has been in touch with Philbin about a potential talent show, variety show and “other concepts.”

Regardless of what he does, Philbin may not be hosting Live! anymore, but according to him, he’s “not retired yet,” and just moving on, so we should probably expect to hear news of his next new project at some point in the future.

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