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Rescue Me Watch: Change

Last night’s episode of Rescue Me started out quite uplifting but ended in disaster for Tommy Gavin. The episode opens up with Tommy finding Shawn and Franco at the Gavin household, caring after each of Tommy’s daughters without their shirts on. Throw up is to blame and thank goodness for throw up, because the guys were looking good! Tommy knew it too, since he took the guys aside to tell them not to appear shirtless in front of Katie again. Through his extended conversation with Franco, Tommy realizes that he has trust issues – one of his many flaws. So Tommy decides that it is time to resolve his issues. His willingness to be honest with himself motivates him to actually be responsible for his actions. At this moment in the episode, I felt so proud of Tommy for seriously taking initiative in changing his priorities.

So Tommy starts out his day by announcing to his family at home and the guys at the firehouse his new positive path. Unfortunately he doesn’t get an obvious amount of support from anyone. I find it incredibly odd that he did not tell Mickey, Uncle Teddy, and Maggie this news since they are his main sobriety supporters. Surely these three will support Tommy in not just sobriety but living life right in every aspect possible, for himself and his family. Tommy can make amends with his co-workers all he wants, but his family members who have been in his position of recovery before would be the smarter choices to go to for forgiveness, assurance, and assistance.

This actually might have been a sign that his initial inspiration for change was all talk. After all, only action is real and trying to recover on his own through just his words is not the efficient action needed. His talk with Damien was quite touching though, I must say. Who knew Tommy could be clever and sentimental? It was much easier than I imagined for Tommy to plant doubt in Damien’s mind about being a fire fighter. I want to see Damien do what he loves as a career, but because of Sheila’s concern for his life being on the line every day, I would rather see Damien live to pass on her legacy. So it is safe to say that I am anticipating finding out if the thrill and peace of mind in saving lives has taken over Damien’s mindset for a lifelong career…especially since Damien thought that Tommy was drunk while giving him this encouraging speech.

As for someone who believes in what Tommy has to say…Kenny was all ears when Tommy finally shared the vision he had when he briefly died. Disappointed does not even begin to express my feelings for not getting more of a response from Kenny. There was more of a response of concern from Mike, who overheard the conversation, than there was from Kenny. The upside is that Mike’s about Tommy led viewers to find out that Mike being gay was just a phase. Talk about slipping in character development. I see Tommy is not the only one who has changed recently.

So with the day coming to an end, Tommy tells Janet that he is quitting drinking for good this time and he is genuinely trying to change. You don’t have to be his wife to see the false hope that Tommy has but doesn’t see. Janet tells him to talk to Colleen if he is so concerned about making a positive difference, which leads to Coll flipping the power play on him and vice versa, as Tommy takes the “tough love” approach. But if the tough love approach did not work when Mickey and Uncle Teddy used it on him, why would it work for Tommy using it on Colleen? Ah Tommy…if only he knew that he cannot truly help Colleen until he genuinely and consistently helps himself. Though he started his day out quite optimistic, the pressure got to him quickly after dealing with Colleen. Not even his three main supporters could stop him from downing a drink at the bar. But Tommy could still be on the right path. Although he ended his night not as optimistic as he was during the day, he has realized his flaws and has basically sent out the loudest cry for help he has ever given. So I’m raising a glass to cheer Tommy on in finally putting an end to his self destructive ways. It will not be easy, but it will be so rewarding in the end to see.