Monday night marked the premiere of two new network TV dramas, in addition to another episode of NBC's singing competition The Voice. The numbers are in and one new drama did much better than the other. Did people flock in droves to see The Mob Doctor? Or did Revolution come out on top?

With Fox's mob-focused medical drama The Mob Doctor on at nine and Revolution on at ten, the two new shows weren't up against one another, but NBC's The Voice, which is still in its ever-popular blind-audition stage was airing its second hour against the new Fox show, and that may explain at least some of The Mob Doctor's less-than-stellar ratings. Deadline posted the ratings, stating that The Mob Doctor earned 5.1 million viewers, or 1.5/4 rating, which is about a million viewers up from Lone Star, which debuted at the network two years ago to 4.1 million viewers (and was inevitably cancelled).

If The Voice, which dominated Monday night with 1a 4.6/12 rating, did some damage to The Mob Doctor, it's just as likely to have helped Revolution. NBC's new post-apocalyptic adventure-drama series debuted last night after The Voice to an audience of 11.7 million. That's a high number for NBC. In fact, it puts Revolution as the top drama premiere on the network since The Bionic Woman premiered five years ago. Of course, things didn't work out so well for The Bionic Woman, so we'll have to wait and see how Revolution does as the series moves forward, and how much of its premiere audience it can retain.

Off the pilots alone, I have much higher hopes for Revolution than I do The Mob Doctor. You can read our reviews for both shows here (Revolution) and here (The Mob Doctor). And for those who watched either show, vote in the poll below to let us know what you think!

Which is the better new Monday night drama?

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