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Following up on an intense and suspenseful season premiere of Scandal, last night's episode shed some light on Olivia's relationship with her father, and how it ties into her professional and personal life. It's a subject that certainly needed to be addressed, given Rowan's growing role in this season. With that said, I'm excited to see that next week's episode appears to take a step back and focus on something other than White House scandal or Olivia's family situation. And based on the above preview, "Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington" looks like it could be explosive.

Lady has a bomb and Olivia's within blast range. Insert lots of drama and the President yelling stuff. Yes! Anyone flashing back to that Grey's Anatomy episode when there was that patient with an explosive inside him? A ticking bomb can certainly put a few things into perspective, and given everything that's been going on in Olivia's life, including her relationship with Fitz and now her re-kindled relationship with her estranged father, it should be interesting to see how this ordeal affects her.

Here's the official description for the episode:
“Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington” – A Midwestern mom hires Pope & Associates under mysterious conditions that lead to a very dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Fitz and Mellie admit their true feelings for each other, on Scandal, THURSDAY OCTOBER 17 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Putting aside the obvious "very dangerous situation," Fitz and Mellie admit their true feelings to each other? This could actually be more explosive than the bomb, assuming "true feelings" involve the contempt and frustration we've seen from them when in each others' presence on any given day.

In other news, what's going on with Olivia and Huck? Is it safe to say that things will be strained between these two? Here's a photo from next Thursday's episode that hints as much…

Olivia and Huck

As for Fitz, it looks like he'll be standing in front of the press again:

Fitz and press

Is his supposed affair with Jeannine going to be a big topic among the press? Obviously it would be if this were real life. I'm sure we'd hear ever possible detail available at it. But I'm wondering how much focus the story will get within the show now that Fitz has admitted to it. And does Jeannine get her money? Or does she forfeit her Cayman account now that Fitz has stolen her spotlight?

Photo Credit: ©ABC

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