Smallville's Chloe to Appear In DC Comics

My Smallville fandom has dwindled in the past few years, but Allison Mack's character Chloe Sullivan is one reason I still watch the CW series that's loosely based on the Superman comics. TV Guide is reporting that the comic book will take a cue from Smallville, when Chloe shows up in issue No. 674 of DC Comics' Superman, set to hit shelves in March.

This is the first time a character created for the series will pop up in the comic. According to TV Guide, the comic book Chloe will be a lot like the TV version. She'll be an aspiring reporter and Lois Lane's cousin. There will be a few differences though. The comic book Chloe will be younger than her TV counterpart, she won't know Clark Kent's secret and, hopefully, her cartoon bubbles won't feature a lot of forced pop culture references.

""She's the younger sister of someone Clark went to school with, not a classmate of Clark's herself (like in Smallville). As a result, she's the new intern at the Daily Planet, fresh out of journalism school and itching to make a name for herself. That'll make her clearly different from Lois and Lana, and at the same time more familiar to watchers of the show,” comic book writer Kurt Busiek told Newsarama.

Will comic book Chloe have giant breasts since, you know, this is a comic book? Maybe. Buddy TV reports that comic book Chloe has to be drawn to look like her TV version but not too much like Mack, due to likeness rights.

This isn't the first time another form of media has inspired the Superman comics. Photo nerd Jimmy Olsen first appeared in The Adventures of Superman radio show in 1940 before he showed up in the comic book.