Somebody Is Continuing Sorkin's Studio 60 Via Twitter

Social media is continually intertwining with the entertainment industry in unexpected ways. We've had sit-coms (opens in new tab) spawned by Twitter feeds and Oscar-winning movies based on social networks. Now the mingling has taken a particularly odd detour. As spotted by, somebody (or bodies) has resurrected the cancelled 2006 Aaron Sorkin drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip via a series of interconnected Twitter feeds.

A few weeks back, various cast and crew of the show-within-a-show began posting their thoughts to Twitter. But they weren't just posting random thoughts or commenting on the funny-looking guy in front of them at the grocery store. They were actually telling a coherent story, tracking the weekly development of new "episodes" of the fictional sketch-comedy series. It's as if Studio 60 -- the one that was the setting of Sorkin's show, not Sorkin's show itself (oh, my head) -- is a real, continuing program, and its personalities have embraced Twitter with the same fervor as Ashton Kutcher or Felicia Day.

Most likely it's all just a particularly elaborate bit of experimental fan fiction, but even so it's damn impressive in its scale. Head writer Matt Albie (played on the show by Matthew Perry), producer Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford), star Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson), director Cal Shanley (Timothy Busfield), staff writer Lucy Kenwright (Lucy Davis), and ex-writer Ricky Tahoe (Evan Handler) are all accounted for, and the, show-within-a-Tweet...has already addressed the death of Bin Laden.

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