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For Sons of Anarchy fans, it’s already been a long two months since the series came to its bitter conclusion. Luckily, creator Kurt Sutter has a new grit-filled FX pilot called The Bastard Executioner on the way, and it just filled out its cast with True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, S.O.A.’s Katey Sagal, and ten more talented actors. And yes, Sutter himself will be one of them, though hopefully he’ll still have both of his eyes intact.

The Bastard Executioner will take place in the 14th century, and it centers on Wilkin Brattle (played by newcomer Australian actor Lee Jones), a former knight of King Edward I that has left the war-torn life behind for something more peaceful. Or course, peace is only ever temporary, and Brattle will soon find that his return to the sword-wielding life will be bloodier than ever.

Moyer will play Milus Corbett, a former marshal in Ventris’ army that now serves as the Chamberlain, Chancellor and Justiciar. (How many Justiciars can you count on TV right now?) Sagal will take on the mystical role of Annora of the Alders, whose claim to fame lies in her potions and cures. And Sutter will play The Dark Mute, Annora’s guardian whose face is always hidden.

the americans

Another big star popping up in The Bastard Executioner is The Americans’ Matthew Rhys, who is set for a guest-starring role as Gruffudd y Blaidd, nicknamed The Wolf. He’s the leader of the Welsh rebels, and is as intelligent as he is courageous. Also, his name would rack up like 700 Scrabble points if proper names were allowed.

Now let’s go through a quick rundown of the rest of the characters we will hopefully see should The Bastard Executioner get ordered to series.
U.K. actress Flora Spencer-Longhurst (Napoleon) will play Baroness Lowry ‘Love’ Aberffraw Ventris, the offspring of a wealthy Welsh family who marries Ventris in order to keep her father’s land safe.

Sam Spruell (Snow White and the Huntsman) is Toran Prichard, Brattle’s best friend and a fierce archer.

Danny Sapani (Penny Dreadful) is set to play Berber the Moor, an educated farmer and another friend of Brattle’s.

Darren Evans (Galavant) will star as Ash y Goedwig, another friend of Brattle's who is a smart trapper with a keen knowledge of the woods.

Timothy V. Murphy (Sons of Anarchy) stars as Father Ruskin, a rage-bottled former soldier who tamed his anger by joining the rectory and becoming a priest.

Sarah White will play Isabel Kiffin, Lady Love’s innocence-filled handmaiden and secret-keeper.

Finally, there’s Sarah Sweeny, who will play Jessamy Maddox, the abused wife of the executioner.

The pilot, directed by Sons of Anarchy vet Paris Barclay, is set to begin filming on March 19 in Wales. Are you guys ready for more Sutter madness coming to FX?

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