Spike TV Gets Murdered

Do you ever watch shows like ‘CSI’ and other crime investigation dramas and think you’d be able to solve a murder mystery if given the opportunity? Spike TV is currently airing a new reality TV series, appropriately titled, ‘Murder,’ which shows just how difficult it can be for regular people to try to figure out whodunit when investigating real murder mysteries.

In ‘Murder,’ two groups of people are given all of the evidence that the original detectives had when trying to figure out how the victim was killed and by whom. The groups have 48 hours to use the information they have to come up with the murder and explain what happened. ‘Murder’ is hosted by detective Tommy LeNoir, who evaluates the teams conclusions and determines how well they did with their investigations.

’Murder’ airs on Spike TV on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. EST

If you want to test out your detective skills, play the game below:

Here are a few clips from the show:

Check out a full episode of ‘Murder’ here.

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