There are just a handful of episodes left in Suits' second season and the first of them airs tonight on USA. Before we show you the clips for tonight's "Blind-Sided," for those who need a refresher on where things left off at the end of last summer, check out this "Previously" video.

Pearson Hardman has been divided on a pretty major issue, and Mike and Rachel appear to be at yet another crossroads in their relationship in the wake of Mike's grandmother's death. And as you'll be reminded in the video below, that's just the tip of this dramatic iceberg...

The first clip from tonight's episode doesn't focus on any of the major issues, but it does involve Mike. It looks like he's prepared to team up with Harvey for a case, but Harvey seems to want Mike to sit this one out.

Harvey has a point in that Mike does tend to get himself emotionally involved in some of the cases, but sometimes that actually works in their favor. Maybe this one hits a bit too close to home, though.

Mike isn't the only one being told something he doesn't want to here. This clip has Jessica issuing an order to Louis that he clearly doesn't want to carry out.

That sounds like it'll be an awkward situation. Will it backfire on Louis? Or will it somehow backfire on Jessica? You never can tell when it comes to matters concerning Louis. He rarely goes down without a fight.

We'll find out how both of these scenarios (and whatever else is in store) play out when Suits returns tonight (Thursday, January 17) at 10:00 p.m. ET on USA.

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