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In just a couple of weeks, the remaining episodes of Suits' second season will air on USA. From the recently released promo, things are not going well for Pearson Hardman. Use of the word "war" is being used to describe the division at the firm. And that's just the tip of this iceberg. There's also Mike and Rachel's relationship problems to deal with, and it looks like Jessica has some major concerns over Mike and the possibility of him being exposed for what he is - or rather, what he isn't.

"We have been through a civil war and the world knows it," Harvey says at the start of the promo below. "We're weak. And the law of the jungle says, the weak get eaten." Things only get more tense and dramatic from there.

Vulnerability and tension seem to be the tone of the promo for the final six episodes of Season 2. There's tension between Mike and Rachel and tension at Pearson Hardman. Meanwhile, Mike's at risk of being exposed as Jessica seems concerned over how long he can keep up the act before someone figures it out, and Pearson Hardman is at risk of being figuratively eaten now that the world knows the firm is at war with itself. Will they be able to unite enough to fight whatever threats might be posed by outsiders looking to benefit from the firm's weakness? We may find out.

Created by Aaron Korsh, Suits stars Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres.The series returns for the rest of Season 2 Thursday, January 17 on USA.