Summer TV Preview: Fight Girls and Bad Girls Road Trip

Oxygen is bringing new meaning to the phrase “girl power.” With two new series, viewers will have a chance to see how bad girls behave on the road and how fight-girls behave in the ring. One of the series is a summer-spin-off of ‘Bad Girls Club’ and the other involves a group of girls who live together and are competing for a chance at a boxing title.

Bad Girls Road Trip - Premieres Tuesday at 10:00 pm

I don’t know why but I loved ‘Bad Girls Club.’ I didn’t actually like any of the girls in the show but for some reason, I kept feeling compelled to watch. This summer, Leslie, Aimee and Zara are hitting the road to visit each other’s friends and families as well as some of the other Bag Girls’ hometowns. In between partying and arguing they’ll also be looking for some new Bad Girl recruits for next season’s house.

For more info on ‘Bad Girls Road Trip,’ check out Oh!’s website.

Fight Girls - Premieres Tuesday at 10:30 pm

This new series showcases ten women from a variety of backgrounds who share a common goal of becoming a boxing champ. The girls move in together in Vegas and are trained by mentors. They’ll duke it out in the ring and each week one girl will be eliminated. The winner gets a shot at the World Championship belt in Thailand.

Oxygen seems to have a way of breaking down their reality TV shows to get to the good stuff. A bunch of chicks spending too much time together and then being encouraged to beat each other up? Bring it on.

For more info on ‘Fight Club,’ check out Oh!’s website here

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