TBS Hoping For Very Funny Animated Joe Dirt

TBS must think the 2001 David Spade film Joe Dirt was "very funny." They've just signed Spade a pilot deal to script an animated version of the movie about a mullet-sporting white trash janitor who's life story becomes a sensation when he tells it over the air at the radio station he works at, according to The Hollywood Reporter. I imagine the series will feature more of those crazy tales.

In all honesty, I thought Joe Dirt was far better than it had any right to be. Not to mention that there's virtually no limit to the number of insane shenanigans the character could have gotten into through his life, and could still get into. Abandoned as a child at the Grand Canyon, Joe's life was one misadventure after another, but in the end he reunited with his lost love.

It's unclear if the series would be a continuation of the tales set forth in the movie, or even if it would be framed in a similar manner, with Joe narrating the events of his life. They could take a more straightforward approach and just present the wacky adventures of this optimistic mullet-sporting weirdo as they come along.

I'll admit that many of Spade's projects haven't been that great, and animated adaptations of comedy films brought us the horrible Spaceballs already recently, but there's still hope TBS could pull this off. Spade will be working with buddy Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions, along with Sony Pictures Television, to develop the project.