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TV Recap: Heroes - Chapter 5 Fight or Flight

This episode of Heroes was electric… seriously. I think Micah said it best this episode as he comforted his cousin and assured her that, “God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle.” I hope he is right because our heroes are coming face to face with some pretty harsh realities.

Parkman and Nathan fly over to Philly to face Parkman’s estranged father. They confront the sweaty faced buffoon and demand answers. Parkman’s dad tries to play nice guy and then double crosses them with mental trickery as they face their own personal nightmares. As Nathan and Matt thought they were fighting their demons, they were really fighting each other. It was pretty cool. Oh, and about the nightmares, I understood Parkman’s but I still don’t get what is up with Nathan’s deformed face alter ego guy. Someone help me out!

Obviously this nightmare man is nobody to fool around with. He has killed a whole lot of people, put one in a coma like state, one in the slammer and almost forced Nathan and Matt to kill each other. He is a very bad man and must be stopped. He might have gotten away this time but at least the dynamic duo knows where he is headed. Poor Bob!

Monica and Micah are busy down in New Orleans having fun with Monica’s new copy cat power. I think that would be an awesome power to have. I would kick ass at Dance Dance Revolution. In any event, just as Monica is beginning to feel okay with he new found ability and thoughts of super stardom dance around her head she gets a knock on the door. I thought it was going to be the thief from the burger joint but it was worse. Low and behold it was Suresh running errands for Bob. Aaaah! Suresh!

What is Suresh doing? This guy makes no sense right now. First after not heeding warning from Mr. Bennent he brings Molly to the Paper people. Not a good idea! Then he tries to help Jessica escape because he thinks the paper people are bad. I don’t like her being there either but that girl is super nuts. Then he decides to do as he is told and goes to New Orleans to find Monica to bring her to Bob. C’mon Suresh put a helmet on and get in the game! He is doing so many contradictory things its making me crazy. If he brings Monica back to Bob I will seriously be… really disappointed. But what can I really do besides yell at the TV.

And who is this new blond bombshell looking for Peter? She definitely has an attitude problem. Ricky didn’t even do anything and she burnt him to a crisp. His charred body on the pub floor was a bit disturbing. She is one crazy chick. A couple of questions come to mind, who could her father be? And what does he want with Peter. It’s all about the connections! Oh, and Peter made out with Caitlin, opened the box and painted the future… Montreal anyone…