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TV Recap: Heroes - And The Plot Thickens

After the char broiled death of Ricky, Peter and Caitlin decide to head off to Montreal to… a room fool of stuff and a cryptic note to Peter from Adam and then they time travel to a scary and deserted New York City. Who is Adam? Maybe he knows why Peter was naked and handcuffed in a trailer with no memory. I thought he was out at a rave and might have taken too much ecstasy… but I think it has something to do with the Paper Company and the end of the world. I just had a thought! Maybe he is the dangerous threat that Bob’s been talking about!

What about Bob? Who is he really? All we really know about Bob is that he works for the Paper Company where he performs lab tests on and kills innocent people with special powers to help the greater good. Oh, and he is in that photo with all the other evil do’ers. So is Bob evil or isn’t he? I was a little confused after that heart to heart he had with Suresh and then kindness he showed our favorite adopted muscle memory mama Monica by giving her all those fun presents. He seemed nice enough but then again this is Heroes and there is usually some underlying ugliness to all nice gestures.

Speaking of the Paper Company, Mr. Bennet and the Haitian were on the move to find those paintings by Isaac. They succeeded but they had to do some very bad things… like shoot a man in the head. I felt bad. He seemed really nice but then again he was probably really evil too. Anyway, the paintings really didn’t give any answers, just more questions. Maybe if we got to look at them longer it would have helped.

My question is, who is good and who is bad? Is it wrong for Bob to use these “special” people as lab rats to potentially destroy someone or thing that threatens to destroy the world? Is it wrong for Suresh, Mr. Bennent and whomever else to kill Paper Company people to stop the Paper Company from hurting, killing and testing on the innocent? I can see the rational on both sides. Don’t we all just wish they could find a way to work together?

The show is defiantly leaving us with a lot of gray area to ponder until net episode. There is one thing I really don’t get. Why is Hiro still in 17th century Japan? Enough already, I need to see the real significance to this story line. It is interesting… in a way. But unless it really ties into what is happening in the future I don’t see the point.