To Tell The Truth Is Coming Back With Famous Panelists

The current TV climate seems to be following the mantra of “If it hasn’t been on the air in the past five minutes, let’s bring it back,” and that approach isn’t just limited to the world of fiction. Game shows are also on the table, and it looks like one of the classics will be giving it another go for a new generation, as ABC will be bringing back the fib-friendly series To Tell the Truth, with Betty White and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes serving as panelists.

Those two TV stars aren’t the only ones getting involved, either, as this new version of To Tell the Truth will be hosted by Black-ish star Anthony Anderson, with his mom stepping in as the scorekeeper who has ample chances to bring her son to shame. According to Deadline, the show will bring in additional celebrity guests to fill in the third panelist slot throughout the season. Fingers crossed that other ABC stars get brought into this, like The Goldbergs’ Jeff Garlin and Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell.

ABC clearly wants to test the waters with To Tell the Truth, as the reboot is only getting six episodes for its initial run. I’m sure more would be ordered up if it proved to be a success, though. After all, Family Feud is turning into a game show powerhouse thanks to strong ratings for its primetime Celebrity Family Feud revival, and it seems likely we’ll get more of that in the future as well.

For those unaware of how To Tell the Truth is played, it will feature three contestants who are all claiming to have a big talent or job, while the celebrity panel asks questions to try and suss out who the liar is. It originally aired from 1956-1968 on CBS, and after years of syndication, NBC brought it back for a short run from 1990-1991, and it went back into syndication in 2000, with John O’Hurley as host. To bring this project into the 21st century, there’s a stipulation that the celebrity panelist who does the worst job will have to tweet a big lie about themselves to the world.

This won’t be Betty White’s first crack at picking out a liar either, as she’s appeared on the series’ panel a time or two in the past.

There’s no word yet on when To Tell the Truth will get a premiere on ABC, but we do know that there will be a house band going by the name of Cheche and his Band of Liars. No fooling.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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