Another of Kiefer Sutherland’s old 24 co-stars is joining his new series Touch for Season 2. Mykelti Williamson, who played Brian Hastings in the eighth season of 24 is one of two new actors added in recurring roles for next season. The second casting is Titanic actress Frances Fisher (she played the mother to Kate Winslet’s Rose).

Williamson is coming on board Touch as Detective Lang of the LAPD, described as a guy whose seen it all and can usually sniff out the truth. He joins another 24 alum from Season 8, Anne Wersching, who will be doing a guest spot on the series as a family therapist. John Boyd, who appeared in Season 2 of 24 signed on for a guest role on Touch over the summer as well, making it quite the 24 reunion. Williamson has been working on Justified and recently did a guest spot on Single Ladies. He’s probably best remembered as Bubba in Forrest Gump.

Frances Fisher has been cast as Nicole Farington, head of Aster Corps and a woman who is described as being “ultra-competent” according to THR. She has a lot of movie roles but as also done plenty of TV. She did a stint on The Shield, and more recently popped up on Children’s Hospital and A Gifted Man.

The two join a list of new faces that includes Lucas Haas, Saxon Sharbino, Ray Santiago, and Greg Ellis. The wait for the second season of Touch does have an end in sight; Fox has scheduled the premiere for February 1st at 9 p.m. ET.

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