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Treme Season 3 Preview: HBO's New Orleans Drama Returns This Fall

When Treme’s Season 3 premiere date was set earlier this month, the HBO’s program’s announcement was overshadowed a bit by sister channel’s Boardwalk Empire premiere announcement. Now, the New Orleans-based show is getting its own moment in the spotlight, thanks to HBO’s first trailer for the new season.

Treme’s new trailer opens with a few moments highlighting the heart of the show, featuring colorful moments of music and dancing before showing other highs and lows of New Orleans life—including some really scanty feather costumes. According to The Huffington Post, the new season will also focus more on crimes and the underbelly of the city, and the trailer gives us a hint of this, juxtaposing shots full of joyous celebration with shots showing hardship.

Treme executive producer David Simon has already decided Season 4 of the hit drama will be the last, so expect the last grouping of episodes to be meticulously planned and able to offer resolutions to all the pressing story arcs. It might be gone too soon, but at least it won’t be cancelled on short notice. Treme will premiere Sunday, September 23 at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.