Under The Dome Teaser Hints At A Change From Stephen King's Book

In about two months, CBS will bring the TV adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome to viewers. The story is set in a small New England town that suddenly finds itself trapped beneath an invisible dome. CBS gave us a first look video, which gives us a look at the adaptation, which is being done by comic book and TV writer Brian K. Vaughan and will star Breaking Bad's Dean Norris as Big Jim Rennie. A genius bit of casting if you ask me, and a little amusing if we factor in Norris' affiliation with the DEA in Breaking Bad and (vague book spoiler) his Under the Dome character's involvement in the manufacturing and distribution of a certain illegal psychostimulant.

It's probably still a little too soon to expect a flood of photos and videos, if you've been watching CBS, you may have seen one of the TV spots running, which give us more glimpses of the series. The video above is one example, and there's also this one:

The above spot reveals something interesting about the adaptation. Apparently, people can't hear each other through the dome. Or at the very least, people on the outside can't hear the people on the inside. That's a deviation from the book, if I'm not mistaken. I'm pretty sure there are numerous occasions in which characters speak to one another through the dome. Is the change just meant to emphasize the divide? Or will that factor into other changes made for the show?

In addition to Norris, Under the Dome will star Mike Vogel, who was last seen creeping it up on Bates Motel, and will play Dale "Barbie" Barbara in Under the Dome. Rachelle Lefevre is playing Julia Shumway. That's another shift from the book, as Julia's supposed to be a bit older (in her forties, I think). Natalie Martinez plays Linda. Britt Robertson plays Angie. And Alex Koch will play Jim Rennie's unstable son (and Barbie's rival) Junior Rennie.

Here's a highlight video of the Under the Dome panel at Wondercon earlier this month…

There's a website set up for the show (UnderTheDome.com), but it currently only has the teaser up on it, as well as the feature that lets you see how your own house would look under a dome. Hopefully they'll add more content before the series premieres June 24. In the meantime, if you haven't read the book, there's still time to do it! And you want to give yourself some time. In the grand tradition of Stephen King, it's a lengthy tale. But also in the grand tradition of Stephen King, the time investment pays off. It's worth a read!

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