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NBC’s drama pilot Notorious has cast one of the leading roles. Victor Garber, who has previously starred in Alias and Eli Stone has signed on to take a starring role in the project. The drama is something of a murder mystery soap opera in which Garber will play the patriarch of a wealthy family with plenty of skeletons in its luxurious closets.

Deadline reports that Victor Garber has been tapped to play Robert Lawson, head of Lawson Pharmaceuticals and lord over a family that includes his four children and his second wife. Of course, there’s a mistress as well on the side. Lawson rules both his company and his personal life with an iron fist and demands obedience.

The plot centers on a detective who also happens to be a member of the Lawson family. She returns to the fold in secrete, going undercover as the daughter of a maid in order to investigate the death of an heiress and friend. She must have been gone a long time or be spectacularly good with makeup if no one recognizes her in her own family home. The project is described as an “opulent soap” and of course there’s that murder investigation to keep the drama in high gear.

Garber has been keeping busy in the past few years with a role on the Charlie’s Angels reboot and has a guset spot on the upcoming season of Showtime’s The Big C. He’s also got a few films due to hit screens soon too, so we’ll be seeing plenty of him even if this project doesn’t make the series cut.