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A couple years back, Susan Boyle’s audition video for Britain’s Got Talent went viral, showing the world that there are plenty of people out there whose talents have yet to be discovered. Since then, she’s put out two albums and is about to put out a third. Last night, the artist debuted a song off the new album on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Below is the video of the performance, which marks the first time Boyle has performed “You Have To Be There," from her third album Someone to Watch Over Me, on television. Maybe it's the associations I'm making with her BGT audition video, but I can’t help but think the tune sounds similar to “I Dreamed a Dream.” The whole arrangement is very Broadway, which I'm thinking will appeal to her fans.

Boyle told Digital Spy, “I'm so pleased the audience enjoyed the song. I really loved performing that big number. I was also a little nervous introducing something new.”

Between her albums and the news that Boyle’s life story will be told in a musical, Boyle’s rise to fame is another great example of the success that can come from competing on a televised talent competition.