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Watch Breaking Bad's Dean Norris Flood The Internet With Spoilers

Just in time for the premiere of Breaking Bad, series star Dean Norris teamed with to fill the internet with spoilers. And we mean that literally. Norris actually spoils the ending to a number of films and TV shows, among which are: Star Wars, The Usual Suspects, M. Night Shyamalan movies, Contact, Citizen Kane, Total Recall (the original), The Crying Game and Game of Thrones (Season 3 big spoiler!), so if you actually don't want to be spoiled on those things, don't watch.

Dean Norris Spoils Everything Else from Dean Norris

And this is why I adore Dean Norris. Like Bryan Cranston, not only is he incredibly talented, but he's also really funny. We see his talented side twice a week these days, as we're getting a one-two punch of Norris each week with Breaking Bad airing its final episodes on AMC on Sunday night and Under the Dome airing on CBS on Mondays. Today is Tuesday, which begins the anticipated weekly Norris-withdrawal. I expect that to become a more serious condition when Under the Dome and Breaking Bad wrap up. In the meantime, we have Funny or Die to thank for giving us this added dose of Dean, which has him rattling off spoilers for our amusement.

The movie ones were all oldies but goodies for the most part, and seemed to be pulled from the archives of biggest movie twists. Darth Vader's Luke's Dad. He was dead the whole time. Rosebud's a sled. And as Norris put it, "Don't do it, there's a dick in there…"

Homeland Season 2 spoiler ahead! - The TV ones weren't all real, unless Homeland's Carrie does actually have an affair with Abu Nazir. The bigger spoiler there would be that that Nazir is alive! What if Norris turns out to be right about that one? End Homeland Spoiler!

Also possible, Walt shoots Hank. Of course that one was meant to be a joke (I hope), but I'm Team Hank all the way, so let's hope that one never comes to pass, or if it does, Hank survives long enough to take Walt down.

The highlight of the video is when Hank spoils himself on the Red Wedding for Game of Thrones. Poor guy. That one had to hurt. Serves him right for being a season behind, though! I'm going to recall a recent Tweet from Mindy Kaling and apply it to anyone who got spoiled on Game of Thrones because they're not caught up…

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Norris' video actually reminds me of a great clip from the third season of Portlandia, which is also chock full of actual spoilers, and fittingly enough references Breaking Bad right from the start…