Watch Californication's Season 7 Premiere Here, See Heather Graham In Episode 2 Preview

Hank Moody has returned! Showtime premiered the seventh season of Californacation last night, and the premium cable network was gracious enough to drop the full first episode onto their YouTube channel for your entertainment. While it's been edited a bit for content, the subject matter is still brimming with not-safe-for-work drama so, you know, viewer discretion is advised.

Spoilers from the Season 7 premiere of Californication discussed beyond this point, so if you haven't watched the above episode, consider yourself warned!

Season 7 is the final installment of this long-running comedy series, in which David Duchovny plays Hank Moody, a writer who probably spends more time drinking and bedding women than he does actually writing. The series has seen some serious ups and hard downs for Hank over the course of its run, but "Levon" offers a pretty substantial twist in the form of Levon, a college kid who claims to want to interview Hank only to reveal that Hank slept with his mother. That in itself isn't so surprising as I expect Hank's slept with quite a few mothers. But this one happened to give birth to a darling baby boy nine months after she had the pleasure of enjoying Hank's company.

The episode suggests that Hank's ready to grow up. Yeah, we've kind of heard that before. But coming face to face with his mostly-grown son may actually be the chance he needs to finally take a good hard look at himself. Or maybe he's just going to expose that kid to a lot of things that might not actually be good for him. I'm kind of hoping it's the former as I'd love to see Hank find a little redemption in Levon. But who knows? I just hope he's actually Hank's son and this isn't a lead-up to a twist that reveals he's not actually the father. We'll see.

Meanwhile, in Runkletown, things have gone a bit soft. Charlie and Marcy's honeymoon hit an abrupt halt as Charlie's having trouble performing in the bedroom. There's an interesting turn for this hilarious couple. I actually kind of like the idea of seeing how Charlie and Marcy's marriage functions without sex in the mix and that seems to be the direction their story is going right now.

Speaking of direction, here's the preview for next Sunday night's episode, which reveals Levon's mother... played by Heather Graham!

Here's a clip that shows Levon's mother's reaction to Hank's arrival in her home...

And this clip shows Karen giving Hank a present for his first day of work:

Those who have Showtime Anytime will find the second episode of Season 7 ("Julia") already up and available for viewing, though it doesn't technically air on Showtime until next Sunday.

Californication airs Sundays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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