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Betty White’s Assistant Shares The Last Photo She Took With The Late Star In Sweet Post

Betty White in the Golden Girls.
(Image credit: NBC)

Fans, friends, and co-stars have shared their heartfelt memories of Betty White, following her passing at the age of 99. Many accounts have recalled some hilarious and standout moments from interacting with the television icon. Her assistant, Kiersten Mikelas, for her part, shared a private photo of White, taken around the same time the star delivered her final message to fans. Mikelas is now keeping the train going by sharing another sweet photo from her time with the Golden Girls star.

As Betty White's assistant, Kiersten Mikelas worked with the late television legend on her daily affairs. Mikelas worked behind the scenes for years, rarely speaking out or seeking the spotlight. Much like her earlier post, she took to the late star’s Instagram to share a sweet photo but, this time, she showcased a rare moment between her and White. In the caption, Mikelas discussed her decision to share the last photo she ever took with the Mary Tyler Moore vet:

Many people have had really big feelings about the profile pic. So, I decided to post what I’m sure is the last photo taken of her. Same day. After we completed recording the video for the film. I don’t have many pictures with her, because I never felt like I wanted to impose since she was always asked to take photos with people wherever we went. But I asked on 12/20/21 and I’m so glad I did. A wonderful memory of a happy, fun-filled day!

Knowing how rare a moment this was for the assistant makes it incredibly special, and you also have to appreciate the restraint she showed in not asking for photos. Many assistants would take every opportunity to get a selfie with their famous boss. But it seems Kiersten Mikelas wanted to respect her employer's time and personal space, as the television icon was so giving to others. It's great to see that she was able to get one final photo with her, though.

It must've been surreal for her to capture the Hot in Cleveland star’s final public moments before her passing. You can check out the sweet post, complete with the photo, down below:

Final moments like these have been incredibly surreal for fans to see. Not only do they mark the late star's last interactions with the pubic, but they also further humanize her. If anything, they just serve as further proof as to why people loved her so much.

As mentioned, Kiersten Mikelas was just the latest person to share a testimonial of her time with the television personality. Others like SNL alum Bill Hader shared incredibly fun memories of Betty White. In a sense, White left an impact not only due to her countless iconic movies and TV shows but through her off-screen connections as well. Needless to say, her legacy will surely live on.

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