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Revolution And Two More Dramas Canceled By NBC

Today is a big but mostly bad day for fans of NBC’s programming. Community has reportedly already failed to reach its goal of six seasons and a movie and now it seems there is more bad news on the NBC front. Word on the street is that Revolution and two more dramas have all been flushed out of the NBC lineup. (Good news for Hannibal fans though!)

Crisis Review: NBC's Conspiracy Thriller Is A Dumb Fun Alternative To Sunday's Prestige

For some time, Sunday has seemed like the exclusive property of premium cable series. Of course, there has always been scheduling to rival the HBOs and AMCs for the last night of the weekend but since almost all of their award winning dramas air in that time-slot, it’s pretty easy to forget the network competition.

NBC Sets Midseason Premiere Dates For Crisis, Believe, About A Boy And More

If you’re looking for a little midseason pick-me-up, perhaps the latest batch of shows from NBC will whet your appetite. The peacock has announced premiere dates for five of its upcoming series, including About a Boy, Growing Up Fisher, Believe, Crisis, and American Dream Builders. So grab your TV remote and get ready to fill up that DVR.

NBC's Midseason Drama Crisis Halts Production To Tweak Storylines

NBC’s Crisis may be in a bit of trouble. If you haven’t heard of this one, it’s because the series hasn’t debuted yet. And unlike Fox, which has already begun to promote some of their Midseason series, we haven’t seen much from NBC on Crisis yet, but word is, the series has halted production for a “course correction.” Well, if that needs to happen, better that it happens before the show premieres than after.

NBC 2013-2014 Schedule Moves Parenthood, Revolution And Chicago Fire, New Series Added

A day ahead of their upfront presentation, NBC has posted their 2013-2014 schedule, which lays out where most of the new and returning series will air throughout the week come next fall. A few notable schedule changes appear to be taking place, including a move to Wednesdays for Revolution and a shift to Thursdays for Parenthood. Absent from the list is Community, but NBC did include it among the scripted series confirmed to return, so it will be back. It's just a matter of when.

About A Boy, Crisis And Believe Picked Up To Series At NBC

Yesterday, NBC announced the highly discussed modern-day Hatfields & McCoys pilot is not getting a pick up and the network also cancelled its fledgling series, Deception. Today, however, there are sunnier skies at the network, and NBC is on a roll with announcing pilot pick ups for next TV season. So far, there’s good news for those who have been following the J.J. Abrams program, Believe, as well as Jason Katims’ About a Boy comedy and Rand Ravich’s Crisis.

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