After making a rather impressive impact in the first quarter of this year for the Xbox 360, Fight Night Round 3 is boxing its way onto the PS3. With almost ten months to re-work, fix, straighten out and compliment what worked, didn’t work, and wasn’t so hot on the 360 version, FNR3 has finally shipped for the PS3.

The sad news is that not much has been re-worked, fixed, and straightened out, other than the obvious drawbacks on the Xbox 360 version...which happened to be the press conference fights. Some reviewers are saying the PS3 version doesn’t have much of a visual upgrade over its 360 counterpart, however it does seem clearer, sharper, and slightly better textured (for the boxers, anyway).

The game features real life boxers, a career mode with rivals, the famed EA create-a-boxer and lots of different modes, including the new first-person bout entitled “Get-in-the-ring”. With on-line support, matchmaking, headset support and “analog only” options, it looks like the PS3 is already well on its way with Fight Night.

Rated ‘T’ for Teen and going for the suggested retail price of $59.95, you can purchase Fight Night Round 3 as soon as retailers unpack and shelve their shipments.

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