Now that G.I. Joe has a director in Stephen Sommers, it’s time to start sorting through casting rumors. The first up to bat comes from IESB, where they say Jason Statham may be up for a part in the movie. Well, up for a part may be too strong. It’s more like Statham is on the producing team’s wish list.

Word is that producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura wants him for the role of Action Man, which I’ll assume means a lot to those of you who grew up watching G.I. Joe. I was a Transformers kid, and always though playing with dolls in camo was kind of stupid would you could have been buying toy versions of awesome, transforming robots.

Apparently the movie’s script was written specifically with Mark Wahlberg and Jason Statham in mind. Those of you who have been following the project may remember that Wahlberg was rumored to be in consideration for the part of Duke in the film.

Now a year ago, I’d have said there’s no way in hell they can get stars of Wahlberg and Statham’s caliber to show up for a crappy, bound to be lame, G.I. Joe movie. However, with the monster success of Transformers the line starts to the left. Everyone wants in on the 80s cartoon to movie biz, and of the 80s geek properties waiting for a live action big screen treatment Joe is by far the biggest.

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