Christian Bale, currently filming Batman Begins along with 90% of Hollywood, will next star in Director Terrence Malick’s The New World. Malick will bring to the screen the story of America after the Jamestown settlement in 1607. The movie will be “inspired” by the story of John Smith and Pocahontas. I really hope “inspired” doesn’t mean a blonde, caring John Smith and talking raccoons.

Bale will star as tobacco planter, John Rolfe,. Also signed onto The New World is Colin Farrell, David Thewlis, Christopher Plummer, Noah Taylor, Q’orianka Kilcher, August Schellenberg, and Wes Studi. Farrell will play the controversial John Smith, Kilcher will make her film debut as Pocohantas, Thewlis will portray John Smith’s key rival Captain Wingfield, and Plummer will play Capt. Christopher Newport. I’m really impressed with this cast but I’ll even be more impressed to see who Farrell shags this time! Watch your hindquarters, Plummer!

Movies set during colonial days have a spotty track record. With Malick writing and directing, I’m leaning towards greatness for this one. Malick is somewhat of an enigmatic director who doesn’t get behind the camera that often. In the 70s, he helmed Badlands and Days of Heaven, but he might be best known now for A Thin Red Line to current movie viewers.

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