My old arch enemy Ang Lee is making another movie. I’m sure I’ll like it every bit as much as I like the rest of his work. Which is to say not much at all. We’re like oil and water Ang and I.

But, the militant, obsessive Brokeback Mountain fans who still spam this site and the rest with vicious anti-Crash propaganda are probably all aquiver. Variety says Focus Features is resurrecting a dead and buried script called A Little Game for Ang Lee to direct. It’s supposed to be the next thing on his plate, after he finishes his WWII espionage thriller Lust, Caution, currently in post-production.

A Little Game is not at all about Hi Ho Cherry-O. Instead the title is a shortening of the one used on the play from which it’s being adapted, “A Little Game of Consequence”. The stage play was a romantic comedy about a happy, engaged Brooklyn couple who decide to test their friends by circulating a rumor that they’ve broken up. The idea is to figure out what their buddies really think of them getting hitched.

Before Ang took the gig, Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz were attached to star in it. You might remember a lot of noise a few months ago about this being their first film together since The Mask. But the movie took a long walk off a short pier, and both stars swam off. Ang Lee will now have to find new leads.

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