Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is heading online, now. The arcade port for the Playstation Network was missing one key feature when it released earlier in the year. While Tekken is arguably the most balanced and fun fighting series, the lack of online functionality hindered our first impressions of this particular entrant. Not too much, it is still Tekken after all.

Now players will be able to take their skills online to test against friends, and enemies. The $9.99 update gives you access to the typical list of online modes like Opti Match, Quick Match, Custom Match, and Friend Match. A lobby is available, as well as voice chat so you can listen to thirteen-year-old high-pitched fuming rants on your uber hax0r ways. Now you can firmly sympathize with your 360 friends. The update also includes two single player modes, Practice and Survival. Practice allows you to train for the online battles to come, and Survival pits you against enemy after enemy until you die or everyone else does.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is still available for $19.99 and features some sexy 1080p graphics. Maybe not the Scarlett Johansson hotness level graphics you get with Virtual Fighter on the PS3, but you wouldn’t kick her out of bed. Or if you’d like a bundle of the full game and the Online update can be purchased for $29.98.

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