Just last week, Kurt Russell got all medieval on Gerard Butler’s ass in Entertainment Weekly because Butler is daring to star in remake of Escape From New York as one of Russell’s iconic characters, Snake Plisskin. I then got all medieval on Russell’s ass for being a bit of a hypocrite. Now, Russell is saying that maybe we should have all stayed in our own century and not gotten medieval on anyone, since he was only kidding. Ha ha ha.

In an interview with Sci Fi Wire, Russell says that he doesn’t have any problem with the remake or with Butler and will personally tie the eye patch on the new Plisskin’s head if asked. Well, he didn’t go that far, but when asked about quotes from the Entertainment Weekly article like “I didn't play Snake Plissken. I created him!" and “I am Snake Plissken,” Russell tried to distance himself from the comments. “Oh, I don't know, I was just kidding around," he said. I think that when someone asks you if you’ll do a cameo and you respond with “f—k that!” it seems like more than a joke.

Russell later added “Listen, I've had a long career, I'm only happy to have had it. Good luck to everybody, and, yeah, see if you can keep up, cool." That’s mighty generous of you, Kurt. Indifferent Russell is probably a little better for the marketing of the remake than pissed-off Russell running around doing his “I created him!” rant. Or who knows, maybe this will remove a controversy that could boost sales. Still, the movie is a long way off and with two radically different sets of comments about his feelings in just two weeks, I’m sure The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes isn’t done yet.

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