Criminal defense attorney, Harvey Birdman, is preparing to serve super justice to Wii, PS2 and PSP owners. Capcom announced today that Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law will also be making an appearance on Nintendo’s console along with the previously announced versions. The odd thing is that the Wii version is priced $10 higher.

When the price difference first caught our attention we imagined the increased cost might be the result of the need for players to forcefully get their point across via decisive hand gestures using the Wii-mote. It’s not cheap to be a powerful former super hero working at a law office with the likes of Blue Falcon and Myron Reducto. According to Capcom spokesperson, Chris Kramer, the actual reason is, ”It’s a little bit more expensive to publish on the Wii right now than it is to publish on the PS2/PSP…Costs for publishing include licensing fees, packaging, advertising, etc. Right now, publishing a frontline game (i.e., not “budget” or Greatest Hits) on PS2 is a bit more inexpensive than publishing a frontline game on the Wii. Also, the Wii version will utilize the Wii Remote for pointing features, so the control scheme has to change a bit.”

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is based on the animated series seen during Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block of programming, and pits players as the winged attorney throughout five interactive stories. Harvey will meet with familiar characters as he tears holes in his opponent’s testimony in order to get his client off. But not like that…sheesh, Harvey isn’t a pervert. He’s an upstanding citizen, who happens to have a bird as a secretary and giant wings on his back.

The PS2 and PSP versions will be available November 13th for $29.99, while the Wii version comes out the same day for $39.99.

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