One of the most overlooked games at this year’s E3 would probably have to be Time Shift. It’s not that the game is bad or uninventive, it’s just that there were way too many big games and not enough time for this game to get the proper coverage it deserved. So that’s why we’re bringing you some of the screenshots from the E3 business and media summit.

For those who are unfamiliar with this game, it’s basically an entire game based on the conceptual physics of bullet-time: time can be slowed, stopped or reversed. But it’s not just about manipulating time, in this game. Players can also manipulate objects while manipulating time. Sounds cool, eh? Well you’ll probably need an example. All right, take for instance there’s three guys laying down suppression fire on you; another guy is priming a grenade opposite of the three flankers; and there’s a tank getting ready to aim its turret at your face. You’re unarmed...what do you do? Easy: Slow down time while the grenadier preps to throw his explosive device – snatch up his weapon and blast him down with his own gun, while the three flankers continuously shoot in a direction you’re no longer in. Now even though time is slow, the grenade has finally started to explode. So reverse time a bit before the grenade explodes...stop time altogether. Place the grenade under the tank and then shoot a bunch of frozen bullets at the three flankers. Unfreeze time and watch the magic. You just shifted time like a time lord.

Sadly, the following screenshots don’t do the game half the justice that the actual gameplay will do it. But they still show off the visual style and presentation of this next-gen shooter. I just wish it was in third-person, as opposed to being another FPS-centered action game.

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