Fans who were looking forward to seeing Eddie Izzard get schooled, Jack-Bauer-style will be disappointed to learn that he has reportedly quit his guest role on the Emmy Award winning show, ‘24’. Izzard was one of many known actors set to appear in the sixth season of ‘24’ but due to “scheduling conflicts”, he’s decided not to play the role of one of the villains in the coming season. reported that Izzard’s spokesperson released a statement stating that the producers were asking Izzard to commit to future episodes. This would’ve conflicted with Izzard’s plans for his show ‘The Riches’. also reported that Izzard’s role has been given to David Hunt, the husband of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’s’ Patricia Heaton.

Though the new season of ‘24’ wont premiere until January, there has been a lot of hype for the show over the last few months. After season 5 managed to wipe out half of the main characters in the hit show, quite a few known actors have been added to the season 6 roster, including James Cromwell (playing Jack’s father), Kal Penn (of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, playing a suspected terrorist associate) and Chad Lowe.

If the new season lives up to the trailer that was recently released, it should be the show’s best season yet.

“For America to survive, Jack Bauer must die”

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