According to Marvel head honcho Avi Arad, the Fantastic Four movie is almost ready to roll. That's the (depending on your world view) "good news".

The bad news (for fans) is it will not be based on the traditional Four, but the recently launched "Ultimate Fantastic Four". What's Ultimate Fantastic Four? I hear you cry! Well from what my research could dig out, Ultimate Fantastic Four is to the original what the cartoon Ultimate X-Men was to it's originator - ie, take the original concept, replace the characters with annoying pretentious whiny teenage versions of themselves and generally just screw up the mythology not because you should but just because you can and then have two versions of the same franchise making money for you.

According to Arid casting should be complete in around three weeks and promises the movie will be "fun".

Those of you who cringed when they learned the Thunderbirds movie was a Spy Kids bastardisation of the original may have found yourselves some companions in the Fantastic Four fans who've just had the same done to them.

Reimagine your own mythology for "fun" The CB Forum.
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