Yesterday, after the disappointing news that Rosario Dawson was passing on Kevin Smith’s impending Zack and Miri Make a Porno broke, the Kev man hopped on the internet and used his MySpace account to jump to her defense. Well, sort of. Basically he confirmed what most of us had already assumed and mixed in a lot of the usual scheduling conflicts etc. stuff we usually get whenever something like this happens.

Smith takes the blame for her refusal to be in the movie. He admits, “I wrote "Zack and Miri" with two actors in mind for the respective leads: Rosario, natch, as Miri, and this other guy as Zack,” but as we all know the film was originally supposed to be shot later next year after doing his Red State project. Smith says that when Zack and Miri got pushed in front of Red State, Rosario decided she couldn’t stick around to do it in January and jumped on the DJ Caruso, Shia LaBeouf project. In part, he also blames that long impending actors strike we’ve been hearing about for so long, for making Rosario antsy to do something else. Might as well also blame global warming while we’re at it. The polar ice caps are melting and Rosario really felt she needed to hop on board a project with a bunch of cool people really fast before it gets too hot. Works for me.

While it’s nice that Kevin is doing his best to make Rosario look good here, the really interesting thing is his revelation that the Zack part was also written with someone specific in mind. Since he also says they’ve changed the start date of the film to January in part to accommodate their Zack, which makes it sounds like they have a good shot at getting… whoever it is. No, it’s not Jason Mewes or Ben Affleck. Smith says, “I've never worked with our (potential) male lead before, so it might be nice to have a female lead I've also never worked with before.”

Start speculating. I’m going to randomly guess Josh Hartnett, for absolutely no reason. That’s how bogus rumors start isn’t it?

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