Red Faction Guerilla, MX Vs. ATV Now 50% Off

By Pete Haas 5 years ago discussion comments
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This week PlayStation Network is offering discounts on loads of content from THQ. You can pick up full games or downloadable content for 50% off the normal price.

The discounts will run from today until August 1st. Any PSN user in North America is eligible to take advantage of the deals. You don't need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. A previous PSN sale this summer had discounts for non-subscribers but also larger discounts for Plus members. The sale is one-size-fits-all this time around, though.

The following full games can be downloaded for half off this week:
  • MX vs. ATV Untamed
  • MX vs. ATV Reflex
  • Red Faction Guerilla
  • Red Faction Battlegrounds
  • Stacking
  • Costume Quest
Downloadable content for the following games will also get the 50% discount. It's not clear whether it's all or just some of the DLC for these games.
  • MX vs. ATV Alive
  • MX vs. ATV Reflex
  • Red Faction Guerilla
  • Red Faction Battlegrounds
  • Saints Row 2
  • UFC Undisputed 2010
  • WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011
  • Stacking
  • Costume Quest
  • You Don’t Know Jack
The sale doesn't seem to be celebrating any particular event. Late July's typically one of the slowest times of the year in terms of game releases (and probably purchases) so it's an ideal time for promotions. Gotta convince people to get off the beach and back on their couch, after all.

As mentioned earlier, the deals are exclusive to North America. There's no mention of them on the European PlayStation Blog. Typically each territory has different discounts. For example, just last week the European PSN held a Need for Speed and Burnout Paradise DLC sale.
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