Silkroad Online: Legend V Plus Update Includes Battle Arena

By William Usher 6 years ago discussion comments
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Joymax hasn't completely abandoned their games, there’s still some form of competency left in their corporate regime. They’ve recently announced that the Legend V Plus update for Silkroad Online will come with a PvP-ready battle arena.

As stated in the press release…
The Battle Arena gives players a new way to interact with (and pulverize) other warriors, either alone or in teams, and features four different modes: Party vs. Party, Guild vs. Guild, Job vs. Job, and Random Matching. The Arena also features new zones like the Chinese Wall, an epic battleground based on the famous Great Wall of China. Players who are victorious in Battle Arena matches earn both experience and Arena Coins that can be traded in for rare gear.

Unlike their abysmal support for the vampire MMORPG, DarkEden, Joymax has actually put some effort into maintaining some form of stability with Silkroad Online, and showing that those loyal *cough*paying*cough* gamers are what really matter, in the end.

Information on the new update for Silkroad Online is currently available over at the Official Website.

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