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The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a new episode for Telltale's Walking Dead adventure game, will be arriving earlier than you'd expect. During a new "Playing Dead" video, Telltale revealed many details about 400 Days including its early July launch window.

400 Days is set after the first season of the Walking Dead game. It's not a direct continuation of Lee and Clementine's story, though. Telltale said that you don't need to have played Season One to understand what's going on in 400 Days. However, they say that the experience will be better if you've finished the season already. The DLC will apparently bring players to a few "familiar places."

In 400 Days, players experience the first four hundred days of the zombie apocalypse from the perspective of five characters. You can see snapshots of these characters below. Their separate stories can be played in any order and will overlap in some ways. Each of the stories is centered around a truck stop in Georgia. Through the course of these five tales, players will be introduced to 27 characters in total. The cast of the DLC is 70% as large as the cast of the whole first season.

Player choices were a key component of Walking Dead Season One, with certain decisions having both long-term and short-term consequences. Telltale says that your actions in Season 1 will affect the plot of 400 Days. Your decisions may affect the plot of Season 2 as well, depending on your specific choices. 400 Days doesn't exist in a vacuum, in other words. Telltale previously said that they were trying to figure out a way for Season 1 to affect Season 2, and I guess 400 Days is their solution. It sounds like it will be the bridge between the seasons that carries your choices to date.

Telltale will release 400 Days on the same platforms as Season One: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac and iOS. It will cost $5 to download, and you need to have at least the first episode of Season One installed to play it. That's not hard to accomplish, as Episode One is free on many platforms at this point. 400 Days will also be sold on the Vita in a bundle with the first season.

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