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Minecraft Players Can Now Sell Their Creations, Get The Details

Minecraft is finally going to offer a way for players to receive compensation for the time and effort they put in to crafting legendary creations. Get ready to discover the Minecraft Marketplace.

Not All Nintendo Switch Titles Are Playable On A TV

We're still finding out interesting, unexpected things about the Nintendo Switch despite the fact that the console is set to launch in just a few days. For instance, did you know that some games won't be playable in TV mode?

Some Hearthstone Cards Are Being Retired, Get The Details

Blizzard cycles in and cycles out cards for Hearthstone regularly. New cards and characters can drastically alter the way the game plays, and they actually attempt to work hard to keep the game as balanced as possible, hence why they're retiring certain cards.

Pokemon Go Is Getting A Bunch Of New Pokemon, Get The Details

If your Pokemon Go roster is full and you haven't been out for a stroll in a while, the team at Niantic are looking to make you reconsider. Later this week, a whole bunch of new Pokemon will be dropped into the popular mobile game

Nintendo's Next Big Mobile Game Just Got Delayed

Nintendo's foray into mobile gaming has been fairly successful with games like _Pokemon Go _and Super Mario Run. Well, they're adding to their line-up with a couple of other big releases, but one of those releases just got delayed.

Ariana Grande Is Appearing In A Final Fantasy Game

Square Enix has managed to make Final Fantasy a highly talked about topic not just in 2016 but also entering into 2017. Their latest escapade includes acquiring the services of Arian Grande, who is set to appear in a Final Fantasy game already on the market.

Kid Uses Sleeping Mom's Fingerprint To Buy Pokemon Gifts

This particular story works best if you've got the Mission Impossible theme playing in your head while reading it. Apparently some brilliant kid figured out a rather clever way to break past his mom's security measures and order himself hundreds of dollars' worth of Pokemon toys.

Stock Up On Pokemon Go Gear With These Holiday Deals

The holiday season has been good for Pokemon Go players. They've been on the receiving end of a new tracking system for Pokemon, brand new second generation Pokemon to capture, and various holiday themed events. Well, Niantic also has holiday deals to top off all of that goodness.

Here's What Pokemon Go Players Are Getting For Christmas

Niantic Labs may have recently updated Pokemon Go with new Pokemon to capture, the new Nearby feature so gamers can easily capture the pocket creatures, but they have even more in store for gamers as part of a Christmas special.

How Trading May Work In Pokemon Go

Patents for Pokemon Go have led some people to begin to speculate on how the trading may work in the mobile app, and they have laid out a description on how to trade the Pokemon with other players by using a new trading function in the app.

Super Mario Run's Toad Rally Can Now Be Played Without Tickets, But There's A Catch

Nintendo's Super Mario Run landed on the market recently and has shared in some solid success. But it hasn't done so without some tough criticisms. Well, Nintendo is addressing one of those critical remarks in the form of letting people play Toad Rally without requiring an in-game ticket... but there's a catch.

Niantic May Have Just Helped Out A Lot Of Pokemon Go Players

The new Nearby function to help track Pokemon has been rolled out into various territories. We don't hear a whole lot about it (which may be a good thing because it means people are too busy playing). But that doesn't mean Niantic can't help out a bunch of Pokemon Go players with a few useful hints.

The Original Mega Man Games Are About To Become Even More Difficult

Mega Man, a series of games known for its difficulty, is about to get a heck of a lot harder next month. The game is coming to a new platform, but possibly not one you expect.

One Group Doesn't Like Super Mario Run

Nintendo's Super Mario Run for iOS devices got off to a running start when it launched last Thursday for iPhones, iPads and iPods. But not everyone has been thrilled with the new endless runner from Nintendo... in fact, one surly group doesn't like Super Mario Run very much at all.

Super Mario Run Is Finally Here

Nintendo has finally launched their endless runner, Super Mario Run, on to Apple's mobile smart devices. The game is Nintendo's third major attempt at courting the mobile gaming audience and it's currently available for download from the iTunes App Store.

The Pokemon Go Tracker Is Back, Sort Of

Niantic Labs have been toiling away at Pokemon Go for a while... working on the backend and fixing up the game to restore some of the functionality that they removed when the tracker was taken offline. Well, the Pokemon Go tracker is back... sort of.

Here's When You'll Be Able To Play Super Mario Run

At long last, a Super Mario game is making its way to mobile platforms. Nintendo has kept the project pretty secretive up to this point, but now we have a launch date and even a price point for their first major mobile game.

A New Pokemon Go Tracker Is Now Available In More Places

Months after Pokemon Go's initial launch, the team at Niantic is still trying to optimize the popular mobile game's "Nearby" feature, which lets you more easily track down specific pocket monsters. According to a recent announcement, a testing phase for this feature has just launched in even more areas.

Pokemon Go Halloween Update: Here's What Bonuses Are Coming

Niantic Labs will be giving Pokemon Go players plenty to sink their teeth into come Halloween apart from just the sweets and candy that will be acquired while out trick or treating. The new update for the mobile game features a few Pokemon-specific bonuses.

Choose Your Champion Allows Everybody To Win At Hearthstone World Championship

While not everyone can be a top Hearthstone player, that doesn't mean you can't share in the glory of victory at the upcoming Hearthstone World Championship. And that's exactly what Blizzard has planned thanks to its recently unveiled Choose Your Champion campaign.

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