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Renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay Is Releasing His First Mobile Game
If you couldn't get enough of Gordon Ramsay on Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares, then you're in for a real treat, because the shouting and dirty cursing doesn't end at TV anymore. Gordon Ramsay has finally come forward to release his very own mobile game and it's something every Ramsay fan has to get their hands on.
There's An Avatar Multiplayer Game In The Works, Get The Details
For those of you who wish to spend more time in the world of Avatar, you're in luck, as a new mobile game based on the movie franchise is set to launch in the coming years.
Pokemon GO Finally Has A Release Date
While an actual day and time was not made known, we were given a release date in the form of a month and a window when we can expect Pokemon GO to be made available for iOS and Android devices. According to Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo, the game will arrive at some point in July.
How The Sims 4 Just Broke All The In-Game Gender Boundaries
If you’ve been a Sims fan since the very beginning, then you completely understand the process of creating a Sim. Men can be skinny or fat, muscular, and have a varying selection of male-sounding voices while women can choose sweet, high-pitched voices and boob size. It’s all been very black and white in The Sims—until now.
This Game Let's You Simulate Being A YouTube Star
We may have hit maximum meta, folks, as U-Play Online announces the launch of Youtubers Life, a game that lets you pretend you’re a popular YouTube broadcaster. If someone becomes a YouTube personality off of streaming this game, the internet will literally fold in on itself, swallowing all of existence along with it. So, yeah, here’s a trailer.
Pokemon GO Releases Details On Battle Mechanics And More, Get The Details
The Pokemon Company and Niantic have been testing Pokemon GO across various regions, including recently opening up the closed testing phase in North America for select gamers. Recently they let loose some additional information on how battles work and the microtransactions.
Five Nights At Freddy's Developer Releases Teaser Image For New Game, See It Here
With the newest game from the developer, being referred to as only Sister Location for right now, we’ve only been handed one tiny teaser. But now we’ve finally got another hint as to what Sister Location is going to be about.
Phone-Based VR Is Getting A Cool New Feature, Get The Details
One of the problems facing phone-based VR is the fact that, for most folks, there’s no real way to interact with your virtual experiences. Some new technology hopes to change that soon, introducing a new and innovative feature to the mix.
How To Get All Of Disney's VR Experiences In One Place
Disney may be out of the publishing arena and they may have closed off their efforts to support Disney Infinity, but they aren't done with the PC gaming market. In fact, they're specifically targeting the PC VR market with their free new app that gives VR users a small taste of Disney's very large media universe.
How You Can Play Pokemon GO Before Everyone Else
The Pokemon Company and Niantic have been running field tests for the upcoming mobile release of Pokemon GO. The game has been field tested over in Australia and New Zealand, and now gamers living in the U.S., will have an opportunity to play-test the game as well.
There's A New Console Coming, Get The Details
Tencent is the biggest video game publisher in the world. You may not always hear about them but they have their stronghold over in China, where they've published some very successful titles. Well, now they're taking the next step and making the leap from mobile and PC gaming, to home console gaming.
5 Ways To Tell If You're Living Vicariously Through Your Characters In The Sims
Don’t deny it; everyone who has played The Sims has done it once or twice. Well, living vicariously through your Sims characters is nothing to be ashamed of and the best way to tell is to start with the basics.
Here's How You Can Play SNES Games On Your Smartphone
Playing your favorite old-school console games is easier than ever thanks to a handy little device called the 8bitdo Tech SNES30 Bluetooth game controller. It's a gamepad that looks strikingly similar to that of a beloved retro console, and it makes firing up a Mario game on your mobile device easier than ever.
How To Get Exclusive Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Rewards
Naughty Dog may have scaled back on the microtransactions in Uncharted 4 by allowing players to unlock everything in-game organically, but they still have a companion app for mobile devices where playing or paying for goods can unlock rewards in Uncharted 4's multiplayer mode.
Leaked Pokemon Go Footage Shows Off Evolution Mechanics
It looks like we’re getting closer and closer to seeing Pokemon Go finally arrive on mobile devices, as more and more early gameplay footage keeps making its way online. In this latest offering, we get a sneak peek at how evolutions will work.
Gamers Who Stream On Periscope Now Have Access To A New And Game-Changing Tool
The latest version of Periscope has implemented a seemingly simple addition to the social media broadcasting service that could actually have a huge impact for gamers: You can now draw on the screen.
4 Tips For Surviving And Dominating In Slither.IO
Slither.IO is the newest sensation to hit the internet and people literally can’t stop playing this simple browser game. So here’s five extremely helpful tips for becoming a master in Slither.IO.
The Cracker Jack Toy Prize Is Going Digital, Get The Details
The Cracker Jack snacks have been known for including some kind of small trinket or toy inside. For a lot of kids the toy inside was one of the only reasons to beg parents for a box of Cracker Jacks. Well, the toy inside has been replaced with a digital reward.
Here's What Players On Twitter Think Of All Those Nintendo Announcements
Last night, Nintendo dropped a total bombshell on the gaming community when they made a number of announcements pertaining to the new Nintendo NX, The Legend Of Zelda game and E3. But the internet has had quite a lot to say when it comes to Nintendo’s announcements, and not all are overly positive.
Why Amazon May Have To Issue A Giant Refund To Some Customers
Amazon has been hit with a sizable court ruling from a federal judge who sided against the online merchant in a case involving kids purchasing goods through free apps. Amazon is being held liable for kids racking up massive charges on their parent's credit card due to a lack of safeguards and warnings regarding real life purchases.
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