After a long delay, the first episode of The Walking Dead adventure game is going mobile. "A New Day" will be available on iOS devices starting July 26th for $4.99.

Walking Dead: The Game starts right at the outset of the zombie outbreak. Lee Everett, an escaped convict, joins together with a small group of survivors. In order to keep the group alive, Lee will have to make hard decisions. The effects of these decisions won't always be apparent until later episodes in the series.

While I call Walking Dead an "adventure game," that description doesn't really do the game justice. It's not just about solving puzzles. It also features a mix of QTE-driven combat and Mass Effect-like dialogue. There's even some light stealth action. I found this wacky mix of genres very satisfying.

Telltale says the delayed iOS release was due to interface work. They wanted to make sure that the touch screen controls were intuitive. It's essentially a point-and-click game so I think it'll adapt well to mobile devices. It's not the sort of game that needs a gamepad.

Walking Dead will run on a wide variety of iOS devices. Telltale says the game is playable on iPad 2, iPad 3 (sorry, "the new iPad'), iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. Fourth generation iPods and newer will be able to run it as well.

Episode Two of the series was released on consoles and the PC a few weeks back. Telltale hasn't dated that particular episode for iOS yet. They say it's "receiving some special development touches."

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