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Wait, Rockstar Is Making A Stealth Co-op Game?

Rockstar hasn't indicated what their next game will be after Grand Theft Auto 5. However, a new job listing at Rockstar Toronto suggests that the studio's now making a stealth game.

Rockstar Updates Agent Trademark... For PS4?

The seventh generation of gaming is closing. We can basically say that it's done with once November 15th gets here and the first wave of new generation titles hit. With that in mind, it's interesting to note that the game long thought to be vaporware has had an update in its trademark filing.

Editorial: Xbox 360 And PS3 Future Proof Status For 2010-2011

Future proofing a console is no easy task. Microsoft and Sony are in a break-neck battle on the technological front and it's time to see which one best suits gamers in the coming years.

PS3 Exclusive Agent Coming In 2010

Rockstar Games' Agent was announced at E3 but announcing its existence was all they really did. Despite how little we know about the game, it could actually arrive next year.

E3 2009: Jack Tretton Announces Rockstar's Agent

Jack Tretton made an announcement for a new PS3 game in the oddest way imaginable: by almost not mentioning it. Between showcasing a whole bunch of games that would be available on the PlayStation 3 and the Assassin’s Creed 2 live demonstration, Tretton quickly made mention that Rockstar North was working on an exclusive PS3 title.

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